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Welcome to Weiss Method Germany,

Austria and Switzerland

a successful method of addiction relief - natural and pain free


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Do you want to free yourself from sugar cravings and regain your energy? It can be easier than you think!


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Are you ready for a solution that helps you
leave smoking behind once and for all?


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Are you searching for a way to
change your alcohol habits that doesn’t involve lengthy downtime from work?


Contact Weiss Method Germany, Austria and Switzerland

We provide a range of innovative and highly successful services to combat addiction with over 30 years experience and thousands of satisfied participants. Addictions treated range from sugar, smoking, alcohol, to compulsive habits.

Please feel welcome to contact us to find a Certified Weiss Method Practitioner, to receive any additional information you might need or for a no-pressure chat about attending a free consultation. 

We provide services across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to see full details please visit our German website.

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