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Quit Sugar
Want to get out of the 'sugar trap' and regain your energy? It's easier than you think!


Quit Smoking
Are you ready to
stop smoking without lengthy withdrawal symptoms?


Stop Drinking
Looking to
stop drinking without a lengthy downtime?


Stop Overeating
Want to be free from
overeating and return to natural body weight?

About Weiss Method USA

Freedom from addictions and unwanted habitsLasting results with 80% success rateSimpler than you think

The Weiss Institute has over 27 years experience helping people quit sugar, quit smoking, quit alcohol, lose weight by overcoming overeating, and overcome other compulsive habits. Thousands of people around the world have achieved success - simply and effectively - in overcoming their daily addictions and unwanted habits.

The Weiss method is based on a bioenergetic principle that brings a halt to a person’s undesired habits and addiction cycle. It is absolutely painless and is done without medication, hypnosis or needles. Generally, a single treatment is sufficient (for compulsive behavior and alcohol, up to four treatments). If needed, additional refreshment treatments are available for one year for no additional cost.

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